LabAtar - Immersive Humanoid Teleoperation

NAO Humanoid Robot Teleoperation System has been my Bachelor's individual project as part of the MEng Mechatronics and Robotics course at the University of Leeds. It used virtual-reality (Oculus Rift), human-tracking (MS Kinect) and humanoid robot (NAO) technologies, programmed in NI LabVIEW and Python to create an immersive experience where operator (human) becomes present from the robot's point-of-view.

How did it go?

This project has been recognised as the national finalist entry at NI Student Design Contest 2015. I got to present this project during the NI Days 2015 Conference at the QEII Conference Centre in London, UK. Being my Bachelors thesis/project, it received an excellent first degree honours (86%) classification. I was also able to play with one of very first Oculus VR BETA devices at the time, so I'd summarise the project as an overall success!

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