You probably know me as a...

Mark* Narvidas

Robotics engineer by degree.
Software geek by trade.
Full-stack engineer. Bias towards the client-side. Equally effective at backend and infra. Thrive at small, fast-moving teams. Excel at developing modern products using Next.js or SvelteKit, served by Node, Golang or Elixir.
Diversity and depth.

When I say full-stack, I mean it. My software career includes self-driving (ADAS) tech, medical devices, nano-satellites, infotainment systems and successful SaaS products. I found myself making the most impact through web tech, spending a good part of the last decade crafting mobile and web products that serve thousands of active users to-date.

Creating useful and unique experiences.

Building slick and empowering web products is my jam. I specialise in typed and functional JavaScript (TypeScript, React and React Native). Having delivered business-critical solutions at scale, I have a strong appreciation for accessibility, security and testing (TDD).

Strong academic background.

I hold a first-class honours MEng degree in Robotics from a Russel Group university. I have taught software-oriented seminars at the University of Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds and Edinburgh. Some of my work can be found published in academic journals.

Knack for the business side.

I run Monad Engineering and operate as an independent software consultant. In the past I worked across the whole product lifecycle as an employee in both large and small orgs. I've also co-founded several indie SaaS products, namely Mentor Audio - a platform that connects aspiring music producers and labels in the UK, and Camdeed - a photo sharing platform for weddings and expos.

Mature team player.

Reasonable, empathetic and compassionate, as well as direct and transparent. When situations presented themselves I trained, mentored and led other engineers with good success. I'm also part of the Equal Experts network and understand the value of mature, high-functioning product teams.

Not convinced yet? Commence the namedropping!

I've written code for Jaguar Land Rover, AO, Awaze, Smith & Nephew, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and Procter & Gamble. In the past I have also developed and licensed proprietary software to a number of aerospace clients in US, including NASA Ames.

Interested in Hiring Me?
I tend to work on fixed-term remote contracts, but given an impactful role and an interesting project I'd be open to discuss full-time positions in US/UK/EU. For a typical TypeScript, React/Next and/or Node contract I would charge a standard UK industry rate. Enterprise projects (e.g. backend development in .NET Core or internal projects like integrating with back office systems) are on the table, but will naturally cost a little more. I love working with functional languages, so if your project includes any one of those, I would be excited to talk more.
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May be open to small (1-2 days) consulting gigs
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