Inertium - Habit Tracker App

Inertium is a simple habit tracker application for mobile written in React Native.

A few years back I wanted to track my exercise habits (the weights at the gym, days I do cardio, etc.) which led me to stumbling across Momentum app. I loved it for it's simplicity, seamless sync across devices and ease-of-use. Sadly over time support for it dropped, synchronisation started failing and in the end it was not usable. I could not find any similar apps out there, so decided to build one myself.

Inertium was one of my first standalone projects written in React and I still use it to this day. Recently I gave it a good polish - re-writing state management using Redux Toolkit, bringing test coverage to 100%, creating a landing page and publishing it to the App Store. Thanks to it's "zero-bullshit" approach (no ads/freemiums and being fully open-source) it's got a small but loyal following too.

You can visit app's landing page at

The app is available to download on App Store.

The project itself is open-source and the source is hosted on GitHub.

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