Camdeed - interactive app to complete challenges and share event photos

What first was just a fun way to keep guests busy at our wedding, later became a product in itself.

In 2023 I married my amazing wife Gina. For our big day we didn't want anything over the top so we avoided hiring a wedding coordinator or a host during the day. We did however want to make our wedding a bit more interactive and fun for our guests. We came up with a few photo challenge ideas, such as taking a selfie with us or capturing tears of joy during the ceremony. We brainstormed some ways people could work through these challenges and discussed the option of making an app for that. As is typical, other planning priorities kept getting in the way and we didn't get far until the last minute.

Several days before the wedding I finally found time and decided to give a go at building the app, hopefully just in time for the ceremony. Having rolled-up my sleeves and pulling a few all nighters I managed to build a web application using Next.js and Firebase that allowed guests to see our pre-defined photo challenges, submit their photos for points and compete for a fun grand prize we announced at the start of the day. The app was a hit and everyone loved it!

Soon enough we had our friends asking us "to make an app" for their weddings also. So Gina and I decided to rewrite our wedding app into a platform, and make it available to public. We first launched it under the brand name of Tuokis (which from Lithuanianroughly translates as "Get Married"). More recently we rebranded the product to Camdeed to help us grow better internationally.

So far we've had well over a hundred events use the app with very positive feedback. After an initial product-market-fit validation period in 2023, we recently started charging for Camdeed and it's now slowly but surely growing into a self-sustaining and profitable family business.

It may not be the next big unicorn startup, but it creates real value for people and and generates additional income. Plus my wife and I get to work on it together and that's shown to be a lot of fun too. I could not ask for a better partner in life and in business.

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