Mažvydas Mark Narvidas

A sociable engineer who loves to build all things tech. Currently I work on Self-Driving Cars at Jaguar Land Rover, but I'm always looking for new challenges!

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Summer Placement at Space Science and Technology Institute (2012)


This has been a summer internship at Space Science and Technology Instutute of Lithuania (Kosmoso Mokslo ir Technologijų Institutas) back in 2012. I was responsible for developing, testing and engineering an autopilot system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles based on the Ardupilot Mission Planner. I've also assisted in printed circuit board design and had an opportunity to play with and integrate the Iridium™ satellite communication unit (9602 SBD transceiver module) into the software stack. I also worked alongside people manufacturing and assembling the planes to gain insight into mechanical and physical aspects of the drones.

Team Behind the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project

UAV in Test-Flight

Closer Look at the in-house designed and built UAV

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