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Smartphone Appliaction in a Hexapod Robotic System

This is an autonomous Hexapod Robot I have designed and built from scratch (a completely individual project, which was not work-related or in any way dependent on my university course). The chassis was designed in SolidWorks software package and parts were cut using a laser-cutter machine.

An Android smartphone was used as its main intelligence to sense surroundings and gather data. This hexapod was used as a platform to develop a multi-purpose open-source smartphone application allowing adaptive use of all of its capabilities (e.g. camera, gyroscope, accelerometer) easily in robotics systems. This way of using a smartphone has potential to eliminate the costs of external devices, such as sensors or cameras, which are usually expensive and more difficult to use.

I have proven the capability and flexibility of my proposal by developing this robot. Additional funding was sought and received from the Leeds for Life Foundation Grant programme.

Hexapod in the Test-Stage

SolidWorks Model of the Design

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