Tetris LED Matrix Gaming Console

Last year my fiancée and I decided that for Christmas we will not buy each other gifts, instead we would surprise each other with our own-made presents. Since she is an absolute addict of Tetris I thought it'd be cool to build her a little standalone gaming console to play.

I used a Raspberry Pi Model B as the brains behind the console. To make the build a little more interesting I used a 32x32 LED matrix for video output. Also for that extra retro flavour I wired-up a USB NES game-pad to the Pi to control the game. I wrote the game itself in Python and made the script run after every boot of the OS. It took about a week to get finished, secretly working nights after work. In the end it worked great and she loved it. The only drawback was the boot time of the Raspbian OS, which I managed to cut down by disabling some unused services from from loading during start-up, however the game still takes roughly 10 to 15 seconds to come-up once it is plugged into power.