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iPhone-Controlled Rover

Project from 2010

The main idea behind this project was essentially checking if a robot could be controlled with an iPhone easily. The commands from the iPhone were first trasmitted to a PC through Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol and then to the robot through xBee radio transceivers.

This was done a while back (we're talking first days of iPhone 2G), where there were no tutorials or direct documentation available.

The embedded controller solution is a picaxe 28x1 project board with an xBee connected to it. Motors are driven usin L293D dual H bridge motor driver.

I have used my-own developed iPhone controller application in Visual Basic.NET that receives OSC's commands and re-transmits them to a Virtual Serial COM port that the xBee was connected to.

This project was completed from start to finish in a timeframe of less than 3 days (essentially one weekend).

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