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A sociable engineer who loves to build all things tech. Currently I work on Self-Driving Cars at Jaguar Land Rover, but I'm always looking for new challenges!

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Inexpensive and Fully Functional Robotic Hand Project (2011)

A completely standalone robotic-hand where each finger can be moved independently using a remote controller glove. Both the master (controller glove) and slave (robotic hand) ran on PIC microcontrollers using custom circuits to accommodate their specific needs. Remote communications were based on infrared data transmission technology and the controller glove had 5 separate bend sensors that I made from EeonTex TM conductive textile material for each finger. This Robotic Hand was presented in the National European Union Young Scientist Contest where I was awarded 2nd Place Certification and a diploma.

Moreover, by presenting this project at the national student expo “Idea Fair” I was awarded a diploma for innovative ideas and solutions in technology later that year.

I was also interviewed about this project on national Lithuanian Television (LRT).

Presenting the Project to the Minister of Education and Science of Lithuania

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