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A sociable engineer who loves to build all things tech. Currently I work on Self-Driving Cars at Jaguar Land Rover, but I'm always looking for new challenges!

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Engineering Leadership Programme Placement at National Instruments (2014)

I have successfully completed my industry year worrking as an Applications Engineer at the National Instruments Corporation, United Kingdom Branch.

I have been enrolled in the Engineering Leadership Programme (ELP) in year 2013-2014.

This was a year-long placement focused on developing technical knowledge, business & customer awareness, and leadership skills. Throughout the internship I have developed the following skills and expertise:

  • Completed two-month-long extensive training including, but not limited to the following: LabVIEW Core 1, LabVIEW Core 2. LabVIEW Core 3, Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning, LabVIEW FPGA, LabVIEW Realtime 1, LabVIEW Connectivity.
  • Developed knowledge about National Instruments Hardware and Software from technical as well as marketing and sales perspectives.
  • Worked closely with customers via phone as well as on site to solve problems and deliver solutions in their project-work.
  • Developed advanced content on Image Processing, OOP and complete stand-alone applications using NI's software.
  • Presented internal training sessions.
  • Published numerous knowledge-based articles online.
  • Took part in the annual ELP Group Project.
  • Delivered high-quality technical support to customers.
  • Generated Sales Leads for the company.
  • Got certified as a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer.

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