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A sociable engineer who loves to build all things tech. Currently I work on Self-Driving Cars at Jaguar Land Rover, but I'm always looking for new challenges!

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DIY Bipedal Robot (2015)


This has been a project I delivered as part of the EPSRC Resarch Internship at University of Leeds. I made a budget humanoid robot based on a myRIO embedded device using NI LabVIEW and it's Robotics toolkit.


I was always keen to learn and apply kinematics principles in robotics as well as had a childhood dream of designing and building a walking humanoid robot. At the time I was given an exceptional opportunity by National Instruments to evaluate the NI myRIO embedded device and decided to put it to the test. Best of all with the help of EPSRC and Research staff at University of Leeds I was able to treat this as a summer internship and delivering a fun demo for the university.

Mechanical Build

• Generic USB Webcam (Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX).

• Inexpensive Tower Pro mg966r high-torque servos I have had from a previous (hexapod) project.

• For the frame I used basic servo brackets (available at any robotics-shop).

• A PCB breakout board I designed for getting PWM (DIO) lines out of the myRIO and having connections for the servo motors, voltage meter, power-switch and batteries.

• Two LifePO4 2000mAh batteries that I have sandwiched in between foot brackets for each leg to put the centre of gravity lower. LifePO4 was chosen due to it's voltage levels which fit myRIO and servo motors perfectly without any need of DC-DC conversion.

• Tons of other misc. parts such as nuts, bolts, cable ties, mech wire guards and etc.

Finished Mechanical Build

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