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4-Wheeled Autonomous Colour Detecting Robot

As part of the Engineering Leadership Programme at National Instruments I have worked on a personal project for one week using NI’s hardware and software. Using the myRIO embedded hardware device I have developed a 4-wheeled autonomous rover robot that uses image recognition and colour detection. Based on the video-feed observed through a connected USB camera, the stand-alone rover follows and flees from objects depending on the colour chosen dynamically by the user.

The fully completed project including full project documentation, schematics and a Youtube video was delivered on-time within one working week at a high standard of quality.

It was also the only intern project which was sent abroad and presented on "NIDays" event in Rome, Italy on March 5, 2014. Thousands of industry experts and NI employees worldwide were shown this project to showcase how NI tools can be used for project development, design, test, and control.

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